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Top 100

Constantly-updated list of the top 100 projects we're tracking on Hype URLs

Rank Name Description
1 ViaGen Pets Pet cloning and genetic preservation
2 Domainoji Register an emoji domain name. Put emoji in your URL
3 AutoMi Accelerating Testing Automation for Mobile, Web & APIs
4 Opportunity Gizmo Extension for Amazon sellers to accelerate product research
5 Dripkit Coffee The portable pour over you've been waiting for!
6 McDelivery™ McDonald's clothes collection & delivery via Uber EATS
7 Savee The best way to save and share inspiration
8 SOUNDS DELICIOUS A vinyl club for full-length cover albums.
9 Read2Me Convert any website or file into a podcast
10 IQLECT Full stack & predictive data analysis in less than a second
11 BrewQube A convenient plug-and-pour craft beer experience
12 Dremio The missing link in modern data
13 SAVOR.WAVS A musical and visual experience with RZA for BOGO Chipotle
14 AskAdStage Report on & pause search & social ad campaigns from Slack
15 VHOOP The most advanced fitness device
16 Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups Timeless advice from Jason Calacanis 👼
17 Kingsway A retro RPG built into an operating system
18 Typeset Research writing simplified
19 Huger Electric skateboard: 25 mph, 20 mi range, waterproof, & more
20 IOGraph Turn your mouse movement into modern art
21 Tomorrow Create a free will and trust, fund it with life insurance
22 Pointimize 2.0 Turn your points into FREE travel.
23 Messengerify Chat widget for your website powered by Facebook Messenger
24 Assembly All your influencer marketing campaigns under one roof
25 Hustle Matters Apparel for when talent isn't enough
26 Swift The perfect wallet to access your money with a quick swipe
27 Slik Get automated leads from a database of 70 million people
28 Swellize Instagram automation done right.
29 DropCar On demand valet parking & car concierge
30 SitTight - Balanced Active Sitting Chair Get Fit While You Sit