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Constantly-updated list of the top 100 projects we're tracking on Hype URLs

Rank Name Description
1 IncoDocs Easily create shipping documentation for trade
2 GetVokl Create your own live-video streaming channel.
3 productboard 3.0 Product management system for large & scaling organizations
4 erxes Open source growth marketing platform
5 Mercury Bank accounts built for startups
6 Codota Build better software, faster using AI (available for Java)
7 Code Time VS Code extension for automatic programming metrics
8 SuperMakers An indie game built with no code
9 Slapdash Fastest way to work across your cloud apps ⚡️
10 Rank Math SEO A powerful and lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress
11 Shoperr Create your custom online shop in minutes, share and earn 💰
12 AXDRAFT Free legal documents for startups in minutes
13 Plink Tinder for gamers
14 Keeple Share stuff to friends for free or earn some by renting out
15 Beach Jobs Work at the beach while you travel
16 Deel Pay-as-you-go contracts for freelancers
17 Cubbit The distributed cloud. Zero-knowledge, zero monthly fees.
18 Avo Prevent human errors when implementing analytics
19 Tesla Model Y The new SUV by Tesla ⚡
20 Space Lens Discover what’s taking up space on your Mac
21 RealAtom Automate your loan process, delight your lenders
22 New ActiveCollab Project Management software for creative professionals
23 React95 Refreshed windows95 UI components for modern web apps
24 Capshun AI that creates captions & hashtags for photos in seconds 📸
25 Meme exchange An actual meme-trading exchange
26 Memebox A search engine for memes
27 Square A design contest open to everyone
28 Datash Send and receive files with end-to-end encryption
29 TicketLens Price comparison for attraction tickets and experiences
30 Microverse 2.0 The global school for remote software developers.
31 Mudrex Automate your crypto trading without writing code
32 HostelGO Only the top 5 hostels in every city
33 TickTick 5.0 TickTick now with a habit tracker built in
34 Agenty Easy to use agents for machine learning development
35 Toast! Gummies A fun hangover prevention gummy based on clinical science
36 Veamly Focus on what matters. Unify your productivity apps.
37 HeroSnatch User-friendly workout tracker for CrossFit athletes
38 BeatStyle Sing, rap & record!
39 Stairway Learn Mathematics, completely free!
40 MakeML Create CoreML model without coding
41 Hippo Video DIY video personalization platform for marketing and sales
42 Remotive 3.0 The best remote jobs, hand-picked daily
43 2.0 The easiest way to livestream or record your gameplay
44 SalesRight Customizable interactive pricing guides for B2B SaaS sales
45 Dibz Put your link building efforts on autopilot
46 Loom PRO Supercharge the way you communicate with quick videos.
47 SZNPASS Unlimited ticket subscription to live events 🇺🇸🎟️
48 Ganvatar Adjust age, gender, and emotion of faces with AI
49 Codebanca A newsletter app for developers
50 Cameo Book personalized video shoutouts from your favorite people
51 Keto Meal Plans Custom keto meal plans, recipes & shopping list - delivered!
52 Voice Boloss An AI that you can FaceTime
53 Dashly Make pop-ups great again 💃🏻
54 Refersense Ask references, build reputation, get hired!
55 Kony Quantum Visually build powerful low code apps
56 Unspent Smart crypto portfolio tools & insights
57 ecrett music Royalty free music composer, powered by AI
58 Tajawal Cheap hotels, flights and deals for nomads
59 Superorder All-in-one cryptotrading terminal with automation ⚙️💸
60 Draftium 🚀 Turbo prototyping tool for websites
61 Blendeo Create moving long exposures on your phone
62 Spond Save 2 hours each week(!) by using Spond - 100% free
63 Algory Concurrency tools for crypto trading
64 VidHug Surprise group videos made easy
65 JungleScout Optimize and scale your online FBA business
66 AIRA AR service helping the visually impaired navigate
67 Momondo Search/Find and compare cheap flights
68 STUDIO 2.0 Design to live website in one click.
69 Predibly A social platform to record and discuss future predictions
70 Tock Book your next culinary experience
71 LynQ Human Compass: location tracking even when cellphones fail
72 Floor Planner Easy and simple way to create floor plans
73 Bubble 2.0 Build and host web applications without having to write code
74 TV Time Never miss an episode
75 The Travel Line by Peak Design A travel backpack and packing that adapts to any trip
76 Logo Grabber Grab any site's logo in one click ✨
77 Keeper Automatic tax write offs for freelancers
78 Miniflix Award-winning short films for web, iOS and Android
79 BW-Space Smart, affordable underwater drone 🤖
80 Offlife Diet Reach your goal weight
81 Blocky Fills A color puzzle time waster for those long meetings
82 Dip Social Checkin (Dip) and chat at your favourite locations
83 Sunlight Allow your team access any course, book, event in the world
84 Attractor Start Design and orchestrate product analytics with automated tool
85 Kidpography Save your children’s calligraphy forever
86 Presearch Decentralized search engine, powered by the community.
87 The Tech Memo A weekly 1 minute summary of top tech news for busy founders
88 Startup School 2018 - from Y Combinator Y Combinator’s free online course for startups
89 Coverr 2.0 Beautiful free stock videos for any use
90 Icotar A free colorful icon avatar generator
91 Reportz v2.0 All-in one reporting tool for digital marketers
92 Facebook Messenger Sequences and Growth Widgets for Creators
93 B12 Bookings A bookings tool that seamlessly integrates with your website
94 Y-Productive Keep your work and distractions under control
95 Punchbowl Text-based digital invitations
96 Bounce Store your bags/luggage in local hotels & shops
97 Huddle A platform for digital board games
98 Cemtrex Smartdesk The world's most advanced and fully integrated workstation
99 Platform connecting brands and influencers
100 MusePeach Journaling app that makes it easy for non writers to start.