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Constantly-updated list of the top 100 projects we're tracking on Hype URLs

Rank Name Description
1 Tellus Online rent payment, tenant screening, repairs, chat & more!
2 Draftium 🚀 Turbo prototyping tool for websites
3 Lensa AI photo editing from makers of Prisma
4 Kattana Beta All-in-one crypto trading terminal
5 Forge Open source code snippets tool - designed for ease of use.
6 DPAGE Create and publish webpages on the decentralized internet.
7 Emojion Collect feedback and improve your business
8 IHBOOKS A curated list of +160 books recommended by Indie Hackers
9 Moji Edit Your personal emoji turned into stickers and products 😍
10 Produck Simple and Powerful Project Management Software
11 RNPixel Modular React Native Components for quick prototyping
12 Darkness v2 Beautiful dark themes for your favorite websites
13 Eyezon An on-demand live streaming tool for searching the now
14 6designers Hire top quality remote designers for your startup
15 NomadWallet app Travel expense tracker for nomads
16 Ohmylead Sync & measure the ROI of your Lead Generation campaigns
17 July The carry-on suitcase reinvented
18 Uizard Transform your wireframes into prototypes – automatically
19 Gnosis Safe The first smart contract-based mobile wallet on Ethereum
20 Magik AI Camera Create and share digital experiences
21 PROVEN Skincare Personalized, data-powered skin care
22 Chainsage Cryptoasset market data
23 Ceekr for iOS A social network for inner development & self-discovery
24 Tribyo Connect with like minded people.
25 Timski Decentralized group chat
26 Blockdata A simpler way to do blockchain research
27 Slite for Mobile The easiest way to write with your team, on iOS & Android
28 Koo! A social network for short-form podcasts
29 Mission Emission Your Emission-Free travel calculator
30 Growbots Labs Knowledge hub for data-driven sales and marketing pros.
31 PathTime A collaborative app to plan get-togethers with your friends.
32 boxiqq Create beautiful and customizable dashboards
33 Gmelius Next generation CRM and shared inbox for Gmail
34 CV Compiler Better tech resume within minutes 🕐
35 GitScrum Project management tool for agile teams.
36 NOOMOON LABB: the only watch band of its kind
37 Happio Free app to help teams to actually learn from their mistakes
38 WHIRL Crowdfunding platform built on the Blockchain
39 Yaguara Use real-time data to set, measure, and meet goals.
40 Planswell Building unbiased financial plans for free in under 3 mins
41 Swelly 5.0 Answer questions & earn crypto
42 Studio1 Automate your screencast videos for customer support.
43 SQRL Save $1 for every 1000 steps you take
44 RAWG TLDR Speed dating, but for games 🎮❤️
45 Krisp Mute the background noise during your calls
46 Progate App Programming app for everyone
47 WonderSearch A free keyword tool that uses Google's data relationships
48 Dear Holmes Get Sherlock's mail. Solve his mysteries🕵📬
49 andCards Suite Membership app for coworking spaces
50 PMLesson Interactive product management interview practice & coaching
51 RemoteOne Time Tracking & Invoicing for Remote Freelancers
52 OyaPay Alternative to cash and POS in Nigeria 🇳🇬
53 GrowthList A crowd-sourced list of Growth Hacks
54 Metricool Analyze, manage and measure your social media activity
55 2.0 The easiest way to livestream or record your gameplay
56 Uzers All the essentials for product designers 🎨
57 Boltzmann An elegant terminal for all your crypto research needs
58 Cameo Book personalized video shoutouts from your favorite people
59 Covve Your AI-powered contacts assistant
60 ChangeRoots Reward and punish politicians with quarters
61 Rabbit 4.0 The way to watch anything with anyone
62 Tajawal Cheap hotels, flights and deals for nomads
63 Blockfolio 2.0 Effortlessly manage all your crypto in one place.
64 Timbuktu An online trip designer for safaris in Africa
65 Algory Concurrency tools for crypto trading
66 AIRA AR service helping the visually impaired navigate
67 Combot The most advanced community management tool for Telegram.
68 Free email template builder for designers and developers
69 JungleScout Optimize and scale your online FBA business
70 Breaks For Eyes Get rid of eye strain, dry eyes & fatigue with this Mac app!
71 MacBook Alarm Secure your laptop with 🚨 an alarm
72 Momondo Search/Find and compare cheap flights
73 BW-Space Smart, affordable underwater drone 🤖
74 MissingLink Deep learning automation for engineers
75 Nosy Wines selected by world-class experts sent to you
76 The Travel Line by Peak Design A travel backpack and packing that adapts to any trip
77 Shieldy A zero-config Telegram bot that fights spam in chats
78 Tock Book your next culinary experience
79 Epigrammar NLP-assisted grading to help teachers work like tutors
80 Cemtrex Smartdesk The world's most advanced and fully integrated workstation
81 Messenger 4 A simpler to use Facebook Messenger
82 Oribi Say goodbye to old web analytics.
83 Presearch Decentralized search engine, powered by the community.
84 Bubble 2.0 Build and host web applications without having to write code
85 Miniflix Award-winning short films for web, iOS and Android
86 Livestorm Better video conferencing software
87 The Buttermilk Company 2.0 Make fresh Indian food in 5 minutes.
88 LynQ Human Compass: location tracking even when cellphones fail
89 PostDiva Really clever content curation for social media managers
90 Coverr 2.0 Beautiful free stock videos for any use
91 Lift The ultimate electric hydrofoil
92 Vector by Anki A giant roll forward for robot kind 🤖
93 Mati Legally verify users with a few lines of JS
94 Spatial Collaborate from anywhere in AR
95 Lamina Artificial Intelligence as an API 🤖
96 Startup School 2018 - from Y Combinator Y Combinator’s free online course for startups
97 WeTrust Spring Crypto-fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations
98 Barsys Automated cocktail maker
99 Cryptographics Unique stunning digital art on the blockchain
100 Y-Productive Keep your work and distractions under control