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Constantly-updated list of the top 100 projects we're tracking on Hype URLs

Rank Name Description
1 Pique Cold brew instant tea crystals
2 Ropig More signal, less noise.
3 Dentii High-tech and hygienic connected toothbrush
4 CozyCal The easiest way to book clients on your website ๐Ÿ˜Š
5 Thunderly Experience real-time lightning from anywhere on earth
6 Prodibi Easily display full resolution images with extra safety
7 Oscars Predicitions Who do you think will win this year's Oscars?
8 Bestfolios 2.0 Portfolio website and resume collection from best designers
9 picksaas Over 150 SaaS products analyzed
10 Where is Starman? Track the whereabouts of Elon's Roadster in space ๐Ÿš€
11 DataBricks Simplify big data and AI
12 Wyze Cam 2 $20 security cam - more intelligent, echo support, & IFTTT
13 Reclaims value for content creators, publishers & consumers
14 Zero Waste Club We help you go zero waste!
15 Unagi Resize photos with the power of your mind!
16 Swift Polling Create polls, surveys and open-ended questions easily.
17 Volta Charger One cable that powers most of your devices โšก
18 TokenTax: Cryptocurrency Taxes Done Right TurboTax for cryptocurrency
19 Should We Marry Each Other? Find out if you should get married based on available URLs.
20 The Practical Dev Shop Beautifully designed swag for developers โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ป
21 Wishli Save time and find the right products while shopping ๐Ÿ›๏ธ
22 Burrow Clever, comfortable furniture
23 The Startup Playbook How-to guide for building your startup from the ground up
24 CV Fighter Retro game that scans your CV for suitability for a role
25 Reklist Recommendations from the people that know you best
26 Everipedia A modern-age Wikipedia built on the blockchain
27 eSight Glasses helping the legally blind see
28 PowerDolphin Underwater drone
29 Origami Simulator Simulate how any origami crease pattern will fold
30 Sketch Isometric Plugin Generate isometric views from artboards and rectangles
31 What am I pretending today? Change the Facebook Post predefined question
32 Passionboard 2.0 IMDb of Startups; get free review of your startups
33 Parrot DISCO FPV Easy to fly fixed wing drone
34 Fishbank Breed fish on the blockchain ๐Ÿ  โ›“๏ธ
35 Piggy Boxxy A paper wallet subscription box for your #altcoin portfolio
36 #twinning Snap a selfie and see your celeb look-alike.
37 CECY Teleclutch Patented iPhone Crossbodies for the modern woman (or man!)
38 Intro A personal network management app for iPhone.
39 Center Health The Diabetes App
40 Wildflower Send a randomly generated flower for Valentine's Day
41 ANCHOR Cable Worlds strongest phone cable
42 TokenAnalyst Explore on-chain data on multiple cryptoassets โ›“
43 CoinTracker Cryptocurrency Portfolio & Tax Manager
44 ANCHOR Cable Worlds strongest phone cable
45 GeoSpark Location tracking with 90% less battery drain ๐Ÿ”‹
46 Giftcoin The cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causes
47 Claw World's tiniest multi tool
48 by Netflix Reveal your relationshipโ€™s expiration date
49 CECY Teleclutch Patented iPhone Crossbodies for the modern woman (or man!)
50 BotCenter Automatically and intelligently assist your clients online.
51 ORBASICS Premium quality unisex basics for kids.
52 Honeycomb Build cool electronic interactive works quickly ๐Ÿค–
53 CrowdMob The new model for benefit concerts and special events.
54 Caavo One search. One experience. One remote. All your content.
55 Skydio R1 Frontier Edition A self-flying camera that knows what to film
56 Bouquet Bar Mix & match candy, flowers & candles in custom gift boxes ๐ŸŽ
57 GAFFL Find people and plan together for your next adventure
58 Gravity Flow Business Process Automation for WordPress
59 on Slack An AI scheduling assistant in Slack
60 Drawers A super simple bill and coin calculator
61 AYO Sleep better with this blue light emitting wearble
62 The Thinking Egg It's time to slow down
63 Leeroy A decentralized Twitter built on Ethereum
64 Social Song Your Twitter name converted into the soundtrack of your life
65 Collabe A simple yet efficient team communication tool
66 Duedot Dossier collaboration platform
67 Aalo Lego-like furniture with beautiful & minimal design.
68 Momenta Share your memories & events, with a physical keepsake!
69 The Homework App The easy way to view and manage your student life.
70 Sheerly Genius Indestructible Tights Indestructible sheer tights made of bulletproof fibers ๐Ÿ’ช
71 Refined Twitter A browser extension that improves the Twitter experience
72 Whimsical The visual workspace for teams.
73 Re:plain The simplest live chat in the world
74 Leapsome Create a data-driven feedback culture via Gmail & Slack
75 Web Maker 3.0 First ever offline web playground, now as a Web app!
76 No Code The best way to write apps. Write nothing; deploy nowhere.
77 The Tola Legend Every bag provides one month of education for a young girl
78 Stairforce Addictive stair climbing app for iPhone ๐Ÿ”ฅ
79 fundpnb Get a small business loan fast and easy
80 Editey Edit and publish HTML, CSS and JS files with Google Drive
81 Cryptocurrency Newsfeed Human newsworkers covering 1,200 cryptocurrencies
82 ManyPixels Unlimited premium design services for startups from $159/mo
83 Campus Insights Candid feedback via moderated interviews w/ your target demo
84 Step In Snap on shoe covers
85 She Roams Solo Travel social networking platform and forum for women
86 EtherTulips Tradable virtual tulips on the Ethereum Blockchain
87 Kraftivo Shop for interior designers
88 Blotter.js A JavaScript API for unconventional text effects on the web.
89 Ethfinex A platform for Ethereum trading & discussion
90 TheTool App Store Optimization made simple and beautiful.
91 Cheeze 2.0 Capture Moments Togetherโ„ข
92 Van Secrets Discover & share amazing free camping locations worldwide ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿš
93 Wagadล Bake for your dog with this superfood-packed dog treat mix ๐Ÿถ
94 SocialRank for Content See accounts behind engagement on Twitter and Instagram
95 PostCenter An online help desk to modernise customer service.
96 POEditor Software localization management platform
97 KetoAF Get cut AF with Exogenous Ketone SuperFuel ๐Ÿ’ช
98 MongoDB Startup Accelerator Get free access to MongoDB Atlas on AWS.
99 beekwee For what your kid outgrew, you get what others kids outgrew.
100 Doggywiff Find and Book a Dog Sitter Near You