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Constantly-updated list of the top 100 projects we're tracking on Hype URLs

Rank Name Description
1 2.0 The easiest way to livestream or record your gameplay
2 Cameo Book personalized video shoutouts from your favorite people
3 Floor Planner Easy and simple way to create floor plans
4 LynQ Human Compass: location tracking even when cellphones fail
5 Huel Nutritionally complete time-saving powdered food, delivered.
6 Bubble 2.0 Build and host web applications without having to write code
7 Tajawal Cheap hotels, flights and deals for nomads
8 Tock Book your next culinary experience
9 Fullscript Take the hassle out of integrative healthcare.
10 JungleScout Optimize and scale your online FBA business
11 CRU Kafe Nespresso-compatible organic coffee pods
12 Miniflix Award-winning short films for web, iOS and Android
13 Momondo Search/Find and compare cheap flights
14 Algory Concurrency tools for crypto trading
15 GitHut Discover new programming languages on GitHub
16 Punchbowl Text-based digital invitations
17 AIRA AR service helping the visually impaired navigate
18 PublBox Unique tools and ready-made posts for business & bloggers
19 Plickers Magical sheets of paper that work like classroom clickers
20 The Travel Line by Peak Design A travel backpack and packing that adapts to any trip
21 Platform connecting brands and influencers
22 AirPlus A $15 protective, wireless charging case for AirPods ⚡
23 Farmdrop The farmers' market delivered straight to your doorstep 👩‍🌾
24 Startup School 2018 - from Y Combinator Y Combinator’s free online course for startups
25 Divvy Secure payment platform for businesses
26 Wemark A different kind of stock photography marketplace
27 RadMini Electric folding fat tire bike ⚡🚲
28 BW-Space Smart, affordable underwater drone 🤖
29 The Outbound Collective 2.0 Find the best adventures in your backyard and worldwide.
30 Y-Productive Keep your work and distractions under control
31 Coverr 2.0 Beautiful free stock videos for any use
32 Burrow Clever, comfortable furniture
33 Ripple Foods Dairy alternative made from peas
34 Presearch Decentralized search engine, powered by the community.
35 Lightform The design tool for projected AR
36 Listen Notes 3.0 Search (almost) all podcasts & episodes in the world.
37 Purple Carrot Vegan meal kit startup
38 Photolemur 2.2 Spectre Fully automated photo enhancer powered by AI
39 stickK Empirically proven to transform goals into reality
40 Song Writer Fonts Write in the style of your favorite song writers
41 NinjaOutreach 2.0 Your single tool for influencer outreach
42 Where is Starman? Track the whereabouts of Elon's Roadster in space 🚀
43 blö Wearable cooling device and diffuser
44 GoCube The classic puzzle reinvented
45 Pique Cold brew instant tea crystals
46 Girls' Night In Club Reimagining how women take care ✨
47 SparkChess A game of chess everyone can enjoy
48 Musopen Unlimited royalty free music sheets, tracks and textbooks 🎶
49 EzyInsights The fastest news gathering tool for newsrooms & journalists.
50 Parrot DISCO FPV Easy to fly fixed wing drone
51 God of War 4 Kratos battles Norse gods & monsters while raising his son
52 Donorbox Receive online donations faster than ever
53 An end-to-end solution for influencer marketing
54 Curology Customized skincare just for you
55 Cemtrex Smartdesk The world's most advanced and fully integrated workstation
56 Chairman Mom A social, Q&A platform for working moms
57 eSight Glasses helping the legally blind see
58 Defonic 2.0 Create a unique sound environment at home or in the office
59 Vacasa Turn-key, beautiful vacation rental listings
60 Webamp Winamp in your browser! The memories!
61 An all-new Intercom A bold aesthetic. Simplified navigation. Faster workflows.
62 Topgolf Golf driving range with point-scoring games for all levels
63 Kommunicate A human + bot hybrid customer support platform
64 Userfeel Quick and easy remote usability testing for sites and apps
65 Kyber Swap Instant and secure token swaps
66 Nomad List 3.0 Find the best place to 💖live, 👩‍💻work, and 💃play
67 Codementor 2.0 Find developers for live programming help & freelance jobs
68 Behere Month-to-Month living around the world for women
69 Lugg 2.0 Move anything, anywhere, anytime. Like Uber, for movers.
70 The Buttermilk Company 2.0 Make fresh Indian food in 5 minutes.
71 Lift The ultimate electric hydrofoil
72 Onyx Box Your monthly dose of black girl magic
73 RealtimeBoard 3.0 Enhanced whiteboard. Your guide to the future of teamwork
74 AtariVCS Reinventing The Way You Game. Again.
75 Enaviga Find and rent boats around the world ⛵ 🌊
76 Dictation The fastest and most accurate speech recognition software
77 4.0 Your AI science assistant
78 Majeeko Automagically create your new website
79 Data-Driven Sales How the best SaaS companies use data to grow faster
80 Rotten Apples See if any film or show has connections to sexual offenders.
81 Toneden A new way to automate your social marketing. 🚀
82 CarTaxi World's first operating car towing platform on blockchain
83 Blox Your crypto assets in sync
84 Salt Lending Blockchain-backed loans. Hold your assets, get your cash.
85 VehiGo The quick-charging foldable electric scooter
86 Goalsetter Goal-based savings and gifting platform for kids
87 Slenke V2 A complete project management & team collaboration platform
88 Practice Panther Law practice management software made easy.
89 FinTab The accounting system for cryptocurrency portfolios
90 Family Guy Yourself Create Your Own "Family Guy 300th Episode" Character
91 Beam Encrypted router protecting your data, location and devices
92 Destiny 2 An epic journey across the solar system.
93 0xcert Your ID, degree or house. 0xcert-ified on the blockchain
94 Musicnotes Access your music sheets anywhere
95 Vector by Anki A giant roll forward for robot kind 🤖
96 Wing A phone carrier that is actually nice to you.
97 Bellhop Book from Uber and Lyft for the most cost-effective ride
98 Sift Games Crowdsourced game recommendations. Help gamers find games.
99 4.0 Your AI science assistant
100 Attention Shifting A transformational hypnosis app for personal development